Plague ridden corpses are scavenged in the forest by a starving beast. The bodies are hidden amongst the rotting bark thats shed from the termite infested trees. Their skulls are destroyed, cracked open like freshly laid eggs exposing their throbbing brain membranes for the rancid feast.

MOIST MEMBRANE is a new 12" LP from Chris Pottinger (Cotton Museum / Slither) This album is a complete cellar-dweller horror soundtrack to a film that should have been made in 1974. Not quite harsh, not quite mellow, this LP could only be recorded in a depressing, moldy Michigan basement. Saxophone, analog synth, zither, and who knows what else are used to create this album. Deluxe full color LP jackets, full color center labels with a B & W poster of a mutant autopsy gone wrong. This LP plays at 45 rpm and is limited to 400 hand numbered copies.
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“I usually think that a record like this would sound better played slowed down but this one is the right way at 45rpm. i remember walking around strange lands in India and Mexico where the heat just melts your brain and if it was a mirror it would be bent like a flat pan out of the oven thrust under cold water. i see a mirage. everything is refracting at an angle passing from one medium to another. it depends on where you are in the room and the position and motion of your head. sound waves get bent on their way to your ears. this LP sounds amazing whether your in another room, headphones, in front of big speakers, laptop, upstairs/downstairs or down the street in your memories. this sound never diminishes, fatter and more powerful than light, it lapses forever and ever in a circle of refraction. a signal from Earth that wasn’t even recorded on Earth.”
A largely ignored format these days, the 12” single that spins at forty minutes, the disco single. Perhaps because its more economical interesting to put more music on the same size at a slower speed, but then at 45 they always sound good. But here is one. Two tracks, nine minutes each, from label boss Chris Pottinger, who is also part of Cotton Museum and Slither. What I seem to detect here is the sound of a saxophone, percussion, zither, a guitar, maybe a synthesizer, and perhaps lots of other things. Both sides sound strikingly similar: heavily layered blocks of sound. Everything is close together in the mix and oddly enough I am reminded of Organum here. Not that I could particularly choose an Organum which resembles this, but the closed playing of all sorts of instruments, which doesn’t sound particularly quiet or noise based, but with a strong presence makes this into a wonderful, cinematic record. The haunted horror house soundtrack. Vibrating ghosts screaming from the attic, while the basement is flooded with sea creatures. Where all of your senses pick up everything at the same time, and it drives you, lovingly crazy. If Organum, Nurse With Wound and Af Ursin is your cup of tea, then shiver with this too. (FdW)
— Vital Weekly