T-shirt designs produced for Tasty Soil and as commissions. Please note, most of these designs are out of print.
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Edition of 60 shirts

T-Shrt commission for Threadless.com (Pictured Above)


Tasty Soil "Zombie Hand" T-Shirt (Pictured Above)

T-Shirt commission for a band named "Friendly Foes" 2009 (Pictured Above)

Tasty Soil "Smiling Mutant Head" T-Shirt (Pictured Above) Edition of 48 Shirts.

Tasty Soil "Guts" T-Shirt (Pictured Above)

Tasty Soil "Beast" T-shirt front (Pictured Above)

Released in October 2006 - Limited to 57 shirts. 
This traveler can be found walking through the swamps and forests searching for succulent grubs to gorge himself on.
All shirts are pro-silkscreened with chocolate color ink on a light brown t-shirt

Tasty Soil "Beast" T-shirt back (Pictured Above)